Relax in the knowledge that there is someone to hand if you need us to carry out property checks periodically. We will visit your property in your absence and perform checks especially after the storms or bad weather. If there is any damage we will send pictures to you and or inform you of what repairs you need if any. We will oversee any necessary workmanship if the repair is specialised.

This service is very important if your property is being left empty for any length of time. We will:

  • Empty the mail box and keep the mail securely (or if you prefer we can pay any outstanding bills to the utility companies ourselves after receiving the funds from you, or we can send the mail onto you)
  • Water inside plants
  • Air your property regularly
  • Clean outside windows
  • Window and door security checks and fittings
  • Lightbulbs replaced as required
  • Blind and curtain operations checked
  • Air con filters cleaned and checked
  • Patio jet wash
  • Plumbing repairs
  • Touching up of paintwork